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As you may have noticed, Fenix has just released their new catalog called catalog 2021, you can find it here.

According to the catalog, you can assume Fenix is about to expand its high output flashlights, from its first high output flashlight LR40R, then LR35R, LR50R to the upcoming Fenix LR80R, Acebeam and Imalent don’t expect they will have Fenix as a competitor as Fenix had been making common lights, but now they need to watch their back.Fenix LR80R High Output Flashlight

Fenix not only upgraded the design of its products, from the previous looks

normally with diamond knurling(Fenix TK32, TK20R, LD12)with vertical lines on the battery barrel, silver side switch, 18650 batteries.

Now Fenix applies new elements as you can see below

horizontal thread and verticle line, round dot, and verticle bar, bronze side switch(Fenix E05R, Fenix E09R, PD36 Tac).

Apart from the new looks, new products are more likely to come with a higher capacity battery, 21700 battery instead of 18650 battery, custom battery instead of tradition battery. Direct charging instead of taking the battery out to charge. Lens instead of reflectors.





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